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How to choose a coach

Updated: Jan 10

Working with a coach is undoubtedly a big investment. But if you find that coach that unlocks your inspiration to finally make that career move, start that business or empower you to take control of your life – it can be truly transformative!

There are so many coaches to choose from out there with multiple disciplines from career coach, entrepreneur coach, leadership coach, executive coach to sales, wellbeing and mindset coaches. But finding the right coach can be difficult as it’s an unregulated industry and it’s hard to know what to ask when it comes to screening potential coaches. And to be honest it's very easy to get swept along with buying coaching services based on attractive marketing and clever selling techniques.

But to avoid wasting your money and not getting the results you deserve here's what I would want to know from any potential coach.

7 questions to ask a potential career coach

1. What experience does this individual have in the specialism you’re looking for e.g. if they are a business coach, what’s their experience in advising businesses (other than running their own)? Or if they are a career coach, how many clients have they coached? Or if they are an expert in confidence what’s the theoretical/research that underpins their philosophy?

2. What’s their approach to professional development? Do they regularly update their training?

3. What testimonials are available and are you able to speak to former clients?

4. What coaching qualifications do they have (are they a member of one of the main coaching bodies – ICF, EMCC or AOC?)?

5. What insurance cover do they have?

6. How frequently are they in supervision?

7. How do you feel around this person? Are they supportive, non-judgemental or inspiring? Will they challenge you? Are you looking forward to spending time with them? What’s your gut feeling about this person? What's their coaching style?

So, here’s my perspective on coaching, and the coaching experience, to help you find the right coach ...

I’m a career, leadership, business coach and mentor. I advised businesses for 18 years and was formerly a partner at Deloitte. I understand businesses, leadership roles and what it's like to reach the top of your profession and balance a young family. I’ve worked with over 100 women on their mindset, understanding their professional purpose and uncovering values and beliefs about their professional potential.

I’ve developed my own career coaching model (Elevate) and have a research-backed resilience building programme. I specialise in emotional intelligence (as a certified practitioner of EQ-i) and resilience.

I undertake training every year and in the past 12 months I have reached Senior Coach Practitioner with the EMCC (and I’m a member) and became a Mental Health First Aider with Mental Health England.

I seek testimonials from all my clients and you are free to speak to my past clients about what it’s like to work with me.

I am in regular supervision and have a supervision at least monthly, and at least one hour for every 30 hours of coaching. I am fully insured to industry standards.

I offer every potential client a free 30 minute session at the outset to explore coaching outcomes, assess suitability for coaching and to chat informally.

There is no regulatory body in the coaching industry and therefore, every coach sets their own standards. If you’re seeking coaching it’s important that you know your coach sets that bar and is a good fit.

If you'd like to chat about options about how we can work together and for you to think about whether I’m the right coach for you, here's a link where we can arrange to have a virtual brew!


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