Much of the narrative about resilience tends to focus on how we can aspire to be hardier or grittier to reach the top (whether a mountain or being a CEO!) – giving the perception that resilience is only meant for those that want to achieve what many of us might consider a superhuman feat. We believe this to be an unhelpful narrative for many people and does do resilience justice as a mindset we can all benefit from.

At its core resilience is being able to remain flexible through challenging times in our attitude, emotional state and responses. Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back quickly or seeing every challenge as an opportunity for growth – it’s about living calmly, finding pleasure in the day to day and feeling capable in the face of challenge and change.

There's a wide range of triggers which might result in you seeking coaching for resilience from one-off events such as redundancy or personal life changes or indeed a long term exposure to stress and pressure professionally. But at its core is a sense of feeling more exposed, more stressed, less confident and less optimistic about the future.

Our resilience coaching covers the key pillars of how to build resilience into your mindset, relationships and work, each of these pillars are equally important to create the foundations for a calm and fulfilled life.


This resilience coaching programme has eight key modules which are scientifically proven to create resilience. We cover:


  1. Having a flexible mindset - we will uncover where you are experiencing rigidity in your thinking and how to create an adaptable mindset

  2. Cultivating strong support networks - we will delve into your support networks and reflect on the importance of connection

  3. Thought awareness and control - we will work on revealing and dispelling your NATS (negative automatic thoughts) and limiting beliefs, replacing them with a more supportive and compassionate narrative

  4. Purposeful life - we will start the process to uncover your purpose, IKIGAI and sense of self

  5. Personal wellbeing - we will review your personal wellness and goals, setting goals that feel kind and supportive to over yourself sense of wellness

  6. Commitment and productivity - we will consider how to make the most of your available time with no productivity hacks in sight, ensuring that you stay the course with your goals

  7. Self-compassion and self-esteem - we will focus on your relationship with YOU, building confidence through looking at your innate strengths and values

  8. Hope and positivity - finally we will focus on future and how to maintain a positive outlook despite future knocks and challenges.

This is a 1-2-1 coaching experience focused on building resilience and ensuring that you have the tools to cultivate a sense of resilience and calmness as you move forward.

This is a package of eight sessions with a set curriculum and focus based on the Elevate model for the foundations for building resilience. Each session is 60 minutes in length.

What you'll get:

  • 45 minute introductory call to discuss your current situation, goals, priorities and drivers for seeking resilience coaching

  • 8 x fortnightly coaching sessions either in-person or via video call - these sessions follow the model set out above

  • A detailed workbook to work through as you progress through the programme

This price for this programme is £2,500 including VAT. Payment plans are available on request.


If you're not quite ready to invest in a full eight session 1-2-1 programme or you'd like to have a taster of the building resilience webinar, you can access our recorded webinar packed full of tips, tools and models to understanding how to build resilience in your daily life.

This practical 60 minute webinar will help you understand more about resilience, what it is and why you need it, your unique stress signature and how you can build resilience into your daily life.

We cover the Elevate model for building resilience adapted for these challenging times, the signs and triggers of your stress, ways to build your emotional resilience, how you cope with change and adversity with tons of practical guidance.

This is a recorded webinar and therefore, you can work at your own pace through the materials.


We also deliver this as an in-person workshops in a small group setting, with lots of peer coaching and support to help you to come away with personalised action plans and a workbook. Get in touch if you'd like further details.

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