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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I believe that there is strength in diversity and our uniqueness is truly powerful.


I value the differences of all my clients and here at Elevate Her, I work hard to ensure the inclusion of all humans, no matter their race, gender, sexual identity, religion, income status or other identities.


  • I commit to inclusivity, creating a respectful coaching environment

  • I want to work with, and for, people from a range of backgrounds, experiences and cultures

  • I commit to anti-racism, amplifying marginalised voices and demonstrating allyship in all my dealings

  • I commit to the ethical practice of anti-racism and I will constantly review and revise my policies and actions to ensure that I am operating in line with my intentions

  • I will always seek your feedback and offer you alternatives to give you the support and space you need - whether that's altering the session length, pace and location.


How will I do this:

  • I commit to challenging competitors in what is an unregulated industry on their standards and policies

  • I will require any affiliate coaches or partners to have equivalent diversity standards and policies and I will ask to discuss these before entering into any relationships

  • I will challenge my partners and the vendors about whether they commit to diversity, equity and inclusion – it is important to me to partner with organisations and companies that align with my values

  • I commit to seeking out ways to spend money with minority businesses 

  • I will be open to feedback on this policy and my actions

If you'd like to share any feedback on this Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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