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Considering coaching or mentoring?

If you are considering embarking on coaching or mentoring with us - consider asking yourself:

  • Are you looking for a catalyst to make change and move forward in your personal and professional life?

  • Do you want to make a change but you're unsure of which path to take or what your options are?

  • Have you recently experienced a change in professional circumstances and now you are feeling demotivated, frustrated or unsure of what path to take?

  • Are you looking for a new role, promotion or challenge?

  • Do you want to understand how you lead?

  • Do you often feel a lack of confidence in professional situations and feel like this is holding you back?

  • Are you keen to work on your stakeholder relationships, relationships with colleagues and clients?

  • Do you have clear goals, ambitions and visions for your life, career or business but you feel unable to take the first step?

  • Are you feeling burnt-out, stressed and overwhelmed and want practical support to help you move forward?

  • Are you a new business owner and want support and guidance as you navigate this new world of work?

  • Is your work life unmanageable and you are uncertain how to achieve balance professionally?

  • Are you prepared to invest in yourself to open up new ways of thinking and to create a brighter future?

If any of these questions, resonated with you, then coaching with us could help you next that next step and transform your professional life.

What can you expect from coaching or mentoring?

What you can expect in our sessions:

  • Greater clarity on your goals and a deeper understanding of what you truly want from your professional life / business.

  • Alignment of your personal values, purpose and ambition for the future with your work

  • Deeper understanding and awareness of your emotional intelligence and how to interact with teams, peers and clients to get the best out of the relationship.

  • Increased self-awareness and self-confidence in your abilities to achieve your goals.

  • Enhanced productivity, drive and focus - less procrastination and demotivating thoughts.

  • Reduced negative thought patterns and behaviours that have been holding you back from achieving the professional future you desire.

  • Clarity on your leadership style and professional purpose - being able to articulate why you do what you do.

Why work with us?

  • Our accredited coaches have qualifications from leading coaching bodies and are regularly in supervision. 

  • All our coaches have an area of expertise or professional passion in the coaching arena - whether that's positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence or resilience. You know that you'll be getting someone who loves coaching and believes in its power to transform lives.

  • We also ensure that our coaches regularly invest in their own professional and personal development.

  • Our coaches have delivered incredible results for our clients. You'll get to work with coaches who truly deliver results.

We have a number of coaches that we work with and we will look to match you based on your needs and preferences. Or alternatively you can request to work with our founder Natalie Hall.

There are a number of options available to you if you would like to work with us, explore the below pages to see how we work but we'd also be delighted to hear from you directly.

Career Coaching

Bespoke 1-2-1 programmes and sessions that deliver real results for women looking to create change in their professional lives and connect with their purpose.

Female Founder Coaching

Bespoke sessions for ambitious female founders to help them cultivate the mindset and frameworks to achieve the success they desire.

Resilence Coaching

Resilience coaching to support women to realign, prioritise and to build confidence in their day to day lives. 1-2-1 programmes and courses available.