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Here's just a few testimonials from former career coaching clients. Working with them in one-off sessions to year-long programmes, my clients have achieved a huge amount and I'm immensely proud to say I've worked with them.

Natalie is a first class, professional coach who I would highly recommend.

I worked with her for 6 months and during this time she helped me significantly with self awareness, clarity of thought and by giving me very useful tools to be able to set myself up to be the best I can be both both professionally and personally.

Natalie is calm, kind and has a wonderful manner - she is supportive in her approach, yet will make sure that she challenges your thinking and summarises the sessions afterwards in writing, which is super useful to refer back to. In all honestly, I wish the six months could have gone on forever, I will never forget some of the great things that Natalie has taught me and helped me to understand about myself.


Natalie has been my coach for the last 6 months and has been absolutely wonderful to work with.

She really listens and is very insightful - she was able to understand and reflect to me things about myself that I had not even considered.

I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone considering coaching.


Thank you so much for your support over the last several months. 

As I said, it has been a very positive experience going through all of this and a memorable year because of it, starting at the outset at quite a low mental ebb and working my (our) way towards a much more optimistic and confident state of mind, with a greater degree of control and clarity in my own thought process.


I was initially drawn to Natalie as I liked her calm and steady approach.

Through this process, I felt that the values that Natalie and I hold for both ourselves and our businesses aligned and through the last 9 months I feel a genuine, open and trusted working relationship. I appreciated when pushed a bit to explore some of my own, self-constructed barriers as this helped me rethink priorities and my focus. 

Simply to thank Natalie for her support and helping me navigate the last 9 months of life. I really do feel like it was an anchor to have these sessions and I will endeavour to keep my monthly development time in my own diary.


When I returned to work after my first child, my confidence took a real beating.
For various reasons, rather than be regarded as an experienced and valued employee, I felt like I was regarded simply as a woman who had had a baby.
I felt like my expertise and previous projects were of little value and couldn’t find my voice to express myself without feeling, well, devastated. 

I decided to work with Natalie to overcome this as the experience has held me back and there are lots of negative emotions that would flare up when I thought about it.  Over two sessions, I have been able to let go of so many negative feelings and thoughts that have held me back for years - and not just the ones associated with my old job. 

Natalie has so much empathy that even personal questions didn’t feel intrusive. I found the sessions emotional but Natalie was incredibly supportive and sensitive to my situation.

If my experience resonates with anyone out there I can’t recommend Natalie highly enough. She has been a much needed breath of fresh air. I feel like a different person.


I worked with Natalie following a redundancy. We explored any limiting beliefs which may have been affecting decisions about my next career move. What struck me was how insightful and empathetic Natalie is as a coach. Her questioning style really honed in on some key issues I was holding onto, and then focused on strategies to deal with these and build resilience in the future.

Honestly it was one of the most empowering coaching sessions I have experienced.


Natalie is hugely knowledgeable, professional, with great emotional intelligence and insight, which has helped me push through the challenges to build confidence and inject a much needed dose of positivity into my career.


I started working with Natalie to help me navigate my desired transition from a corporate career track to entrepreneur. She was brilliant at helping me identify practical steps to start the journey from point A to point B. I also really liked how Natalie built a full picture of my values and what's important to me, not just in my career but in life as a whole.

Highly recommend Natalie to anyone, she is a delight to work with.


My time working with Natalie was excellent and really helped me through a difficult patch in my career and personal life. I would thoroughly recommend her to any one looking to iron out day to day issues, as well as bigger picture thinking and planning.

I feel like I have now developed the tools to move onto the next stage in my career!


Natalie coached me over a 12 month period. It has been hands down the most transformational experience for me on every level. In our last session, we realised that the goals I had set in the first few months were achieved. These goals weren't hard "targets" as in extra work but were actualised and came to fruition through the actions i had taken by my choice from the questions, direction, and way in which Natalie coaches.


I am beyond thrilled with how my career has changed and 3 months on is still growing. 


Her approach from when we first commenced to the last session, was fluid, personal, and the best investment I have made in career.


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