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Could Your Career Do With A Reboot?

Updated: Jan 10

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How’s your career? Are you growing, striving, moving towards a professional goal, or do you feel stuck or lacking in direction? It is hugely common feel like you are plateauing or indeed unsure of what direction to take, but recognising it and taking the time to give your career a reboot could be the best thing you ever do – both professionally and personally.

I work with a lot of individuals who are looking for “change” – any change in fact.  They feel like they have lost their momentum or motivation or indeed that they are in the wrong job or career but because they have already committed time and energy now feel stuck to somehow see it through.

Giving yourself a career reboot takes time, dedication and thinking but this commitment to really look at your working world will create success on your terms and enable you to feel more fulfilled and empowered in your working life.

I run a career coaching programme on just this where I work with clients to understand what’s important to them professionally and personally, where their strengths lie, understand what is standing in their way (including themselves), work to remove those doubts and derailers and offer tips and tricks on dealing with overwhelm to create a clear and compelling vision for exercise and a detailed action plan to boot! Over the next few months, I’m building up to launching an online version of this course – so over six modules you’ll get the same coaching content but be able to complete it in a way that works for you!

A big question I ask my clients is: what does success look like to you? As no one should ever presume what parameters others’ success is measured by. Success to one person could be having a six-figure salary but to another it might be travel opportunities or the working for a certain company or brand.

From this, my clients and I work together to really look at where they are now and what is going on around them. We get crystal clear on their story and their definition of success and determine what would a fulfilling professional life look like for them.

Once this is established, we look at their personal beliefs about their potential, their professional values and assess why having awareness of these is important. At this time, it is also important to visit limiting beliefs and potential derailers that might be holding them back.

Getting really clear on strengths is key, so looking at confidence and presence and asking how to turn up authentically is next on the agenda, as well as getting honest about how they add value and setting intentions for the future.

Having done all this work, the next stage is building a vision for their future so something that encapsulates dreams and goals but also aligns with values. From this vision comes the action plan where tangible actions are set in line with the realistic time my clients can devote to it. Relationships are also a big deal here and we look at how to cultivate stronger bonds with people / teams that will get you closer to goals either through mentoring, delegation or knowledge sharing.

As you can see having a career reboot comes with lots of layers and actions, but the results are completely worth it. So, if you are feeling flat, uninspired and need to take stock of your career, check out my FREE Career Reboot Guide here.

If you’d like to find out more about the leadership development workshops we run and our career coaching packages, please do get in touch.

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