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This is a bespoke set of coaching and mentoring packages tailored at the female founder / business owner.

Our coaching and mentoring services are designed to be practical, supportive and will help you create the businesses you desire. See this is as a strategic advisor, thinking partner, coach and mentor all rolled into one focused on you, your development and your business.

What you'll get:

Each programme is bespoke but the topics for discussion may include:

  • Creating strategic goals for you / your business and following through with action

  • Supportive and practical brainstorming sessions using tried and tested coaching techniques to unlock ideas and create actionable plans

  • Developing a credible business plan with advice on growing and scaling your offering

  • How to manage external stakeholders and advice on how to grow your networks

  • Working through your definition of success and how this might be holding back your vision for your business

  • Aligning your personal values with your business values to create a business that works for you and that you feel motivated and inspired to pursue

  • Analysis of your team and broader support networks to understand where the potential lies and where you need additional support.

We have a number of options available to you and would be happy to tailor our approach to your needs.

Who delivers this coaching?

Natalie worked for the Big 4 accountancy for nearly 18 years and was a M&A Partner by the time she left in 2018 to set-up her coaching businesses. She understands how to make strategic business decisions, manage stakeholders, create business plans, set goals, manage and motivate teams and that a female business owner you'll be carrying most of this on your shoulders.


This is aimed at female founders, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses but need a supportive and empowering advisor, mentor and coach to really reach their goals. This is a longer relationship to create change and build success in your business.

What you'll get:

  • 1.5 hour kick-off preparation call to discuss your goals, priorities and challenges as a business owner / freelancer with an in-depth review of your current situation and where you want to take your business/life 

  • 11 x Monthly one hour coaching/mentoring sessions either in-person or via Zoom video call - these sessions are designed for you and your business 

  • Access to Natalie by email in between sessions to provide 1-2-1 support outside of sessions - designed to give you flexibility to bounce ideas or indeed share frustrations and challenges. Please note that these are not meant to coaching sessions by email, instead to give you added support when you need it.

Packages start at £400 per month for a twelve month arrangement or a one-off payment of £4,500. Note that prices are exclusive of VAT.


This is aimed at female founders, business owners and entrepreneurs who really want to scale their businesses, might be planning a launch, wanting to start acting as the founder/CEO and business owner that they really are, getting more visible and want to work on their business with me.

This is a package of 3 sessions or a full day to focus on growth, mindset and you as a business leader.


We offer these sessions as a package of three as they naturally tend to fall into:

  • Present: we will dig into your current situation, business challenges and goals ensuring that you are working in a way that aligns with your vision for success and values uncovering any barriers and detailers to success

  • Near-term: we will create a clearly actionable plan for the next 3 months helping you focus on making change

  • Vision: we will put into place a plan to deliver your vision for your business - articulating where you want to be in 5 years and how you want to be as leader.

What you'll get:

  • 1 hour preparation call to discuss your plans, goals and objectives for the programme, designed a set of sessions that fit around your launch/business plan 

  • We can review your launch plan, look at your business plan, brainstorm new opportunities, work on your confidence levels to be visible and present as a leader in your business. These sessions are for you and your business

Delivered as either:

  • 3 x 2.5 hour coaching/mentoring/mindset sessions either in-person or via Zoom video call to focus on working on you as a business leader or how to grow and scale your business.

  • Full day 121 session in-person.

Prices start at £2,000 depending on location and session preferences. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

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