In November 2020, we were featured on the 'Catch Yerself On' podcast all about building resilience and we covered:

💫 how resilience relates to emotional intelligence and rest

💫 why resilience does not mean accepting every challenge that it thrown at us

💫 why a stable support network is vital for building resilience


Hope you enjoy! 💡

In November 2020, we joined the Hire Wire podcast from Resource Solutions to discuss resilience in the workplace during uncertain and challenging times.


It was a great conversation focused on how behaviours are contagious in teams and what the best organisations are doing to support resilience in their teams!

Phanella and I have a corporate business (Rise Well Consulting) where we provide organisations with culture consultancy (based on our tried and tested formula and data-led insights), leadership coaching and programmes and specific wellbeing interventions for employees to transform working cultures! 




We were featured in an article by Happy Not Perfect on the topic of kneecapping language - the effect of constant apologising at work and how it undermines your impact, presence and how you feel about yourself.

On Equal Pay Day, we featured in an article by The Big Issue addressing how to have a pay and reward conversation at work. We talked about how to prepare for a pay and reward conversation, what to do in the meeting and how you might need to look at the wider picture in terms of career development opportunities given the economic backdrop this year.

Equal Pay Day is the day in the year that women effectively stop earning. In comparison to the average man on a full time salary, the average woman will work the rest of the year for free.



I was thrilled to be interviewed for the fantastic Audrey website, where I was asked about my professional story and why I started Elevate Her, my inspirations and perspectives on the personal challenges I have had to overcome during my life. 

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